Established in 2016

Chianina South Africa is an interest group for South African Chianina breeders. We aim to raise awareness and promote the breeding, recording or registration, and genetic improvement of the Chianina. The Interest Group sets out breeding guidelines for its members in an effort to convey and direct breeders regarding the desired traits of the breed.

About the Chianina



We aim to help farmers across South Africa achieve satisfactory results and successfully farm with the Chianina. In addition, we strive to educate the public on the Chianina breed, thereby raising awareness and evoking interest that ultimately results in a thriving industry for our members.


Why you should
become a member!

Our Interest Group offers an array of benefits, including:

Access to workshops

Regular up-to-date industry information and news

Assistance and advice with registrations


with transfers

Expert advice and guidance from experienced breeders

Access to a community
of breeders

The Chianina
South Africa manual